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I forgot to do this earlier!

From Taiga and Topaz Eyes -- Grab the book nearest you, turn to page 117, and the second sentence is what your life will be in 2017.

Well, I actually have three books, all of them equally near. Let's see what they say ...

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From [personal profile] topaz_eyes a week or so ago. :D

Rules: list the first lines of your last 20 stories. See if there are any patterns.

1) "What are you doing?" House says, although it's pretty obvious what Wilson is doing with that silvery tri-fold contraption. (Heat Wave)

2) The man in the northwest corner bed has two names on his chart, each followed by a question mark. (The Heart Could Wish)

3) "Rev'rend," the voice whispers, low and urgent in House's ear. (Kingdom Come)

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Okay, this should have been yesterday, but oh well.

1) Vacuumed downstairs.

2) Folded and put away two loads of laundry.

3) Washed dishes that had been lingering in the kitchen sink.


4) Wrote more on Down to the Sea in Ships.

5) Read more about ocean-going cargo vessels than I will EVER NEED TO KNOW kthxbai.

So, anyway, I think this meme was a useful exercise, and I may start doing it once a week. :D
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1) Vacuumed upstairs.

2) Did two loads of laundry.

3) There is a little baby tomato on one of the tomato plants, and it's not the Hot Spell or Hot Spot or whatever those plants are. I think it's an Early Girl. O_o


4) I took Chango for a short walk, which made her so happy she stole one of my shoes.
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1) Got out today and went to Home Depot. Found two wooden pots with good drainage holes -- one for our little fig tree and one for our little sapodilla tree. For some reason pots with real drainage holes have become difficult to find, so I was glad to get these.

2) I am reading Things the Grandchildren Should Know, which is a nonfiction memoir by Mark Oliver Everett, who grew up to become the frontman for an indie rock group called The Eels. But I'm reading it because Everett is the son of Hugh Everett III, founder of the Many Worlds Interpretation of modern physics, also known as the multiverse. So it's an interesting and strange (and heartfelt) read, but I love following trails of breadcrumbs to new things.

3) L'shana tova to all who are celebrating. :D
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1) I watched the movie Nebraska, and while I'm still not sure if I really liked it (I loved a few small parts of it but absolutely hated others), it reminded me very much of an older David Lynch film from 1999 called The Straight Story. Which is a terrific little movie, and a pleasure to remember.

2) I rescued a katydid from our front porch, where it had somehow gotten itself half-trapped under our doormat. IDEK, bug. But I gently lifted it free and set it in the grass.

3) It felt really good to stretch my mind and write that little Roosevelt thing. :D
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Because [ profile] yarroway. :D

1) My thick woolly socks came today! I bought a new pair of boots a couple of weeks ago (Ariat Fatbabies), and, while they fit, they needed some thicker socks to fit perfectly. So the socks came today and they feel so soft and comfy on my feet. I can't wait for cooler weather.

2) Are we allowed to report events from the day before? Yesterday Mister Nightdog and I went to an "artisan and fibre faire" (honestly, that's what it was called) in Denison, Texas, which is about 70 miles north of us. It was a lot of fun, even though the faire was more fibre than we had expected (lots of skeins of natural and dyed wool, LOTS).

3) I have been writing on a Housefic that I started in ... 2010, I think. It's called Down to the Sea in Ships.

... editing to tag [personal profile] blackmare. Heh.
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So it is still just about freezing. The high temp today is supposed to be 36 (2.2 Celsius), so maybe some of this ridiculous ice will start to/keep melting. I will now pause while my Canadian friends LAUGH AND LAUGH AT ME for thinking 2.2 C is "cold." :D

I'm still writing, both on Alaska II and on a Christmas Eve story.

The meme, which I saw on Tumblr:

Pick any passage of 500 words or less from any fanfic I’ve written, and stick that selection in a comment. I will then give you the equivalent of a DVD commentary on that snippet: what I was thinking when I wrote it, why I wrote it in the first place, what’s going on in the character’s heads, why I chose certain words, what this moment means in the context of the rest of the fic, and anything else that you’d expect to find on a DVD commentary track.

If anyone would like to give it a try, go for it and I'll do my best. *g*

WIP Meme

Oct. 14th, 2012 02:53 pm
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Thieved from [ profile] yarroway. Post three whole paragraphs from every WIP you're currently working on, even if it's very short. Then invite people to ask questions about your WIP. With any luck, you'll get talking about writing, and the motivation to take that WIP one step closer to completion will appear as if by magic!

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Beautiful weather, bright sun and warm. Housely things to do today, including folding yesterday's laundry. But first, a meme! Started by the ever-lovely [ profile] jezziejay, these are folks who (direct quote) make my eyes happy. :-D

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Tag to anyone who would like to bring the pretty. :-D
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More beautiful weather -- 75 degrees (23.9 degrees Celsius) and not a cloud in the sky. Doing housely stuff today with the back door and windows open. Finished Sheri Holman's Witches on the Road Tonight and liked it a lot. Here's an excerpt:

It was at one of those seminars, led by a rabbi -- and, yes, I am a sucker for a long, white beard -- that I heard the most cogent argument for a Creator. This delightful old rabbi told us God commanded His angels, "Make me a creature with the ability to say thank you."

... snip ...

It takes many attempts and many more failures before we mortals can offer up those two simple words. Thank you. Some of us die never being able to do so. Some give lip service to our thanks, but most of us don't even know what we're grateful for. We throw our happiness away with both hands.

:-) While I'm not sure I agree with Eddie, it's a lovely piece of writing, and I give the book a strong thumbs up. Magical realism isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea, so I'll caution for that.

The meme is from [ profile] yarroway, who said,

1. Leave a comment to this post - specifically saying that you would like a letter.
2. I will give you a letter.
3. Post the name of five fictional characters whose names begin with that letter, and your thoughts on each. The characters can be from books, movies or TV shows.

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Sunny and warm -- 75 degrees (23.9 degrees Celsius), with a light breeze out of the south southwest.

Memeage -- seen around, grabbed from [personal profile] perspi. Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. Ask and I'll tell you the premise and/or paste you a paragraph from any of these. Confession: these actually aren't ALL of my WIP files, just the ones I have a chance of finishing before I'm ... 92, or so. Feel free to ask about more than one.

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More bright sun and a bit warmer than yesterday -- 47 degrees (8.3 degrees Celsius). It was in the 20s overnight, so I was glad I'd put the heavier India quilt on the bed.

Finished The Perfect Summer last night -- it was an excellent read.

Here's a bit of memery (*g*), lifted wholesale from [ profile] leiascully: If you had to pick one fic of mine that is the one you identify with me, what would it be? I'm just curious; please don't feel required to answer, and if you'd prefer to say "HA, NIGHTDOG, UR FIC SUX ROX," go right ahead. Heh. All my stories are linked over there on the left sidebar. ETA forgot to say that answering anonymously is cool too (if you'd like).

Other than that ... hm, I got nuthin' right now.
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From [ profile] semyaza -- comment with "I want" and I will give you ten actors and ten actresses. Then post in your LJ with your favourite films of theirs.

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New Toy

Jun. 24th, 2010 04:35 pm
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Via BoingBoing, behold the Linkbait Generator:

How Nightdog is part of the gay agenda
6 bits of Nightdog advice that will land you in the hospital
Is Nightdog treated unfairly in the USA?
Top 10 secrets of squirrels
8 ways to get rich with squirrels
Why squirrels suck: myth vs. reality
7 things about House and Wilson that are kind of gay when you think about it
6 shockingly evil things about House and Wilson
7 things Wilson has in common with a unicorn
10 ways that civilization could collapse because of House

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It's making the rounds; seen most recently at [ profile] topaz_eyes.

Post the first lines from your last 20 stories. Do you see a pattern?

Except I get to do twenty-one because I didn't write one of these opening lines! HA! *g*

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(1) After some analysis of how my right hand and wrist really feel, I'm betting I didn't sprain it at all. Instead, I think I've got a case of flexor tendinitis.

(2) My left shoulder is feeling MUCH better. No, I don't understand it either.

(3) Made a roast chicken for dinner, with a baked potato, a green salad, and a nice California Sauvignon Blanc (Hess Vineyards).

(4) I have a grey rainbow. This should probably distress me more than it does ...  )

(5) There is no #5.


May. 15th, 2010 10:54 am
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The sound of bandsaws in the morning is just so pleasant. It makes Chango squinch her ears close to her head. Cloudy, still very damp, 66 degrees (18.8 Celsius).

Not sure yet what is on the agenda for today, but, because I am a sheep ...  )
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Stolen from [ profile] srsly_yes, 14 questions about writing.

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SF Meme

Mar. 6th, 2010 04:18 pm
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I am:
James Tiptree, Jr. (Alice B. Sheldon)
In the 1970s she was perhaps the most memorable, and one of the most popular, short story writers. Her real life was as fantastic as her fiction.

Which science fiction writer are you?

... mm'kay. From Grrlscientist, via DailyKos.


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