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Birthday Fic
Pulse, by fallen_arazil
Untitled, by bironic
Untitled, by bironic
Untitled, by bironic
Untitled, by hannah

Come and See Fic (Sherlock)
Come and See, by definewisdom

Gate House fic
Undressing Like Cross-Eyed Strangers, by thedeadparrot
The Benefits of Dental Hygiene, by bironic

Wasteland, by amnisias

Lost Causes, by ducks_in_a_row
Family Housing, by namasteyoga
Cross Road Blues, by namasteyoga
Against the Current, by mer_duff
Whining and Dining, by mer_duff
My Guy, by evila_elf
Moving to the Country, by nickyb (teawith)
Hallmark Moments, by mer_duff
Watching Wilson, by gena
Asphyxiation, by _ares (nieded)
Waning Effect, by _ares (nieded)
Best Foot Forward, by pwcorgigirl
Fantasies Come Flailing, by hannah
I Got You a Present, by celticfaerie2
Grieving, by daasgrrl
In the Big House, by mer_duff
Enable, by _ares (nieded)
All Over but the Crying (A spilled drink in a bad place), by simple__man
Half Truths, by macx
I'm Super! (Thanks for Asking), by silver_solitaire
Paying the Price, by mer_duff
Belongings, by namasteyoga
After the Fall, by mer_duff
External Signs, by mer_duff
The A-Z of House, by mer_duff
Waiting for Mr. Beckett, by daasgrrl
Synchronicity, by sam_storyteller (copperbadge)
Sensitivity, by cagedwriter61
Another, by cagedwriter61
The Seer, by gena
The Room at the End of the World, by pwcorgigirl
Going Home, by mer_duff
Coming into Focus, by gena
Portent, by gena
Loss, by mer_duff
The Time House Wasn't Right, by nakannalee
Pesach, by pwcorgigirl
Cold, cold world, by 2ndary_author
Fading Light and Watching the Light Fade, by gena
Four Times James Wilson Heard Gregory House Play the Piano (And One Time He Didn't), by bironic
Games People Play, by karaokegal
Music, I can see, by cs_whitewolf
Untitled, by gena
Your Turn, by timbershiver
Control, by nakeno
Threads of Life, by gena
Icarus, by namasteyoga
Götterdämmerung, by mer_duff
Permutations, by daasgrrl
Twilight, by mer_duff
For Good: First Times, by baka_sensei
For Good: First Times, Part Two, by baka_sensei
The Scientific Method, by cirrocumulus
How to Save a Life (vid), by stephantom
Into the Fire, by mer_duff
Interference, by daasgrrl
Dream On, by nicky tai (simple__man)
Things Unseen, by mer_duff
Close Your Eyes (vid), by mystictwilight
Aftermath, by smithy161
Untitled, by rubberbutton
Tender Mercies, by daasgrrl
Thesis 1/2, by macx_larabee
Thesis 2/2, by macx_larabee
Indemnity, by kalimyre
Lost Sleep, by mer_duff
A Tale of Two Bastards, by diysheep
Brilliant, by nicky tai (simple__man)
No Mere Mortal, He, by slipstreamborne
A Tune for the Taking, by mer_duff
Snow Down, by cincoflex
The Best Medicine, by mer_duff
Breathe, Keep Breathing, by thedeadparrot
A Song to Keep Us Warm, by thedeadparrot
The Drying of Your Tears, by thedeadparrot
Vices, by fallen_arazil
The Care and Feeding of Wilsons, by iridaceaena
Belief, Faith, Trust, by namasteyoga
Arureos (Greek for Rat), by deelaundry
Porch, by alex51324
A Life Never Lived, by mer_duff
Dama, by namasteyoga
Untitled, by nicky tai (simple__man)
'Fill one's mouth with pure pleasure', by deelaundry
Did a bad, bad thing, by deelaundry
Potato chips (essay), by tightropegirl
Friday Night & Saturday Morning, by housepiglet
A Smaller World, by fourteencandles
Two Solitudes, by mer_duff
Tried and True, by mer_duff
Domestic, by deelaundry
Brain Damage, by fourteencandles
Lies, damn lies and statistics, by nigeltde
Untitled, by simple__man
Freeze Out, by mer_duff
Oh so completely irrational (vid), by piss_and_ink
All Good Things, by rubberbutton
Across the Universe, by mad_march_hare
Intersections, by daasgrrl
Year of the Pig, by mer_duff
A Modest Proposal, by ignazwisdom
Talent, by gena
Ghosts, by zulu
Menagerie, by mer_duff
House - 319 - Act Your Age (episode recap), by lusciousspike
Bytecode (You Are Still In the Matrix Remix), by thedeadparrot
The Body Found, by fourteencandles
Four Ways House Might Have Met Wilson (But Probably Didn't), by kaydeefalls
Believing in Futures, by simple__man
Drawing Down the Moon, by ruby_took
Take a Picture, by simple__man
Blooper-Duper! (vid), by housepiglet
Garden Party, by housepiglet
Visiting Hour, by kidsnurse
No backing out, by miss_slothy
Kiss, by deelaundry
Slip Sliding Away, by mer_duff
Moon Through a Mirror (Drawing Down the Moon remix, by dominus_trinus
Wounds Unhealed, by mer_duff
Five Drabbles in which James Wilson is Most Definitely an Oncologist (and also Sleeping with Greg House), by sketchy_artist
Hearts and Thoughts, by simple__man
Cat's Pee on a Gooseberry Bush, by mer_duff
pocket/change: ten drabbles about things in pockets, by phinnia
Lost and Found, by deelaundry
Gossip, by karaokegal
Ushpizzin, by roga
Restraint, by daasgrrl
Stage Five, by thedeadparrot
The Closer, by deelaundry
Clean Bones, by _tallian_
Hi, Anna, by deelaundry
Finders Keepers, by mer_duff
Forever and For Always, by mer_duff
The Only Survival, by mer_duff
Major Arcana, by nakannalee
Patience, by mer_duff
Love Is A Battlefield, by starlingthefool
Untitled, by gena
Quintessence, by mer_duff
Five Ways Wilson Could Have Reacted and One Way He Didn't, by closercloser
Flashpoint, by mer_duff, by finding_jay
Holiday Greetings, by mer_duff
Unicorn Hunter, by deelaundry
The Oracle, by fee_folay
The one where there's a horse in the men's room, by phinnia
Stay with Me, by nakannalee
Multiverse, by mer_duff
Paresthesia and Pain, by mer_duff
Extreme Weather, by phinnia
Down to the Water, by blackmare
Everybody Feels the Wind Blow, by deelaundry
House's Headache, by gena
Time to Send Someone Away, by joe_pike_junior
Four Eyes, by namasteyoga
These Little Things, They Can Pull You Under, by joe_pike_junior
Down the Shore, by mer_duff
Time for Some of Us, by joe_pike_junior
Rules of Entitlement, by exhumedpotato
Sick!Wilson manips, by xgraciela
Left of West, by hannah
No Mercy, by daasgrrl
Don't Stand, by deelaundry
The Penultimate Resolution, by daasgrrl
Five Times Wilson Didn't Cry for House and the One and Only Time He Did, by deelaundry
Sick Day, by mer_duff
So This is Christmas, by ggo85
Close Shave, by phinnia
Entropy, by magie_05
Through the Looking Glass, by daasgrrl
Lingering Shadows, by shutterbug_12
We, Ourselves, by nakannalee
Exothermic, by phinnia
Saturday Morning, by rubyjuly
Rationalizing the Denominator, by shara_i
North-North-West and Southerly, by mer_duff
Matisse Is Turning in His Grave, by joe_pike_junior
Middle of Nowhere, by phinnia
Six Burners, by magie_05
Nothin' Else Matters in this Whole Wide World (the Jersey Shore remix), by shara_i
Cats, Rats, and Dogs, by cagedwriter61
Follow You Around the Sun, by rubyjuly
The Twilight Zone, by daasgrrl
Til You Know What You Want, by deelaundry
I Guess It Would Be Nice, by nakannalee
A Sense of Direction, by alternatealto
Consequence Chose, by hannah
Perchance to Dream, by alternatealto
The Fourth, by mer_duff
Post-Op, by deelaundry
Positive, by jezziejay
Gothic Revival, or Nope, No Cure, by blackmare
The Act or Art of Criticizing, by deelaundry
Eight Nights, by barefootpuddles
Succour, by jezziejay
Rock Your Body, by deelaundry
Accidental, by menolly_au
Celebrations, by alternatealto
House/Wilson canon timeline, by hwshipper
The Man With No Name, by menolly_au
Ningyo, by yarroway
Summer Time, by deelaundry
Made Visible, by rubyjuly
Scenic View, by alternatealto
One Noble Function: Blue Ridge, by namasteyoga
Have a Heart, by menolly_au
Barn Raising, by menolly_au
Home for Christmas, by menolly_au
That Mythical Thing, by sassyjumper
Just Add Wilson, by menolly_au
Hey, Hey, I Saved the World Today, by jezziejay
A Mostly Good Thing, by sassyjumper
A Normal Reaction, by sassyjumper
Bang, Bang ... (that awful sound), by jezziejay
Every Time, by menolly_au
Gate of Horn, by yarroway
Reflection, by menolly_au
Usually, You Cut Them Out, by sassyjumper
Dark Matter, by yarroway

HW Hours Series

Visiting Hour, by kidsnurse
Happy Hour, by kidsnurse
Midnight Hour, by kidsnurse
Fifty-Minute Hour, by kidsnurse
Random Hour, by kidsnurse
Painful Hour, by kidsnurse
Dark Hour, by kidsnurse
Desperate Hour, by kidsnurse
Witching Hour, by kidsnurse
Lonely Hour, by kidsnurse
Dinner Hour, by kidsnurse
Legal Hour, by kidsnurse
Honorable Hour, by kidsnurse
House's Hour, by kidsnurse
Wilson's Hour, by kidsnurse
Uncomfortable Hour, by kidsnurse
Administrative Hour, by kidsnurse
Evening Hour, by kidsnurse
Bittersweet Hour, by kidsnurse

HW Smut

Games People Play, by karaokegal
Music, I can see, by cs_whitewolf
Side Effects, by isagel
Nothing Left to Lose, by daasgrrl
Your Turn, by timbershiver
Control, by nakeno
Predictability, by cs_whitewolf
No Regrets, by missviolet
No Pain, by missviolet
Dreams, by fauxpocky
Binding Forces, by whiteraven1606
Wilson's Homecoming, by whiteraven1606
Alone, Together, by daasgrrl
Long Distance, by fallen_arazil
Sensory Overload, by nuclearfootball
If the Pretty Fits, by littlemissgg
The Doctor is In, by daasgrrl

HW Vids

Cat's in the Cradle, by daasgrrl
Doctor Scruffy McCane, by diysheep
I want you to live forever, posted by srsly_yes
Good Times, posted by srsly_yes
Gay Boyfriend, by petitecuriosity
Whatever You Like, by petitecuriosity

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