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Stories are listed in chronological order of events.

The Riververse: Known Timeline

A River Out of Eden -- the foundation story, co-written by myself and [personal profile] blackmare.

Changing Pastures -- an outsider looking in, this fic takes place in Two Pigs, a few days after the pivotal event of River.

Sleeping in the Devil's Bed -- by [personal profile] third_owl and myself, set some months after River and Changing Pastures.

Come Around Again to Find, by myself and [personal profile] third_owl. Takes place a few weeks after Sleeping in the Devil's Bed, an unscheduled stop makes House unaccountably nervous.

Will It Go Round in Circles, by myself with a significant contribution from [personal profile] third_owl. Set a few weeks after Come Around Again to Find, Wilson encounters an old friend and House deals with old memories.

American Gothic, Parts One and Two. The events of this story occur a month or so after Will It Go Round in Circles, when House and Wilson seek safety from a storm and encounter a most unusual shelter. Written by myself, [personal profile] third_owl, and [personal profile] pwcorgigirl.
Motel 6, by [personal profile] third_owl and myself. A "bonus scene," taking place immediately after the events of American Gothic.

On This Winter Night With You, by [personal profile] pwcorgigirl. They'd both fallen off the map: a man who should have died and didn't, and a man who everyone thought was dead but wasn't. This story takes place three years after the events of River Out of Eden.

The Riververse: Indeterminate Timeline

A Myth About Turkeys, by [personal profile] deelaundry. House and Wilson wait out the rain and meet an innkeeper with a secret.

O Little Star of Wash-and-Go, by [personal profile] nightdog_barks. You never know who you'll meet on Christmas Eve.

All Who Wander, by [personal profile] nightdog_barks. Another Christmas Eve, and House and Wilson are just trying to get across Montana. The weather says otherwise.
Countdown, by [personal profile] nightdog_barks, with significant contributions by [personal profile] blackmare. The direct sequel to All Who Wander, it's New Year's Eve in New York as House helps Wilson through an existential crisis.

You're Not from Texas, by [personal profile] pwcorgigirl. House and Wilson are on the road when Wilson makes an unusual acquaintance.


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