Apr. 20th, 2017

nightdog_barks: Drawing of a coyote (Coyote)
Three in the morning and Layla is barking. I'm awake because I have Satan's Own Insomnia, so I get up and put my glasses on and go to see wtf she's barking at.

Well, she's barking at one of these (that's a young opossum), and it's trying its best to hide under the blade of a shovel propped up on our deck. It pokes its head out, and I guess it can (kind of?) see us as possibly amorphous shapes through our sliding glass door, so it opens its mouth (common possum defense tactic), starts making a RRRRRR-noise at us (common possum defense tactic), and weaving its little head around like a snake (WTF?). Both the dog and I just watched, baffled. (I was actually reminded of that silly Moon Moon meme.)

Anyway, we watched the bizarre head-weaving for a couple more minutes, and then I turned the light out and we all went back to bed. Or I did. Layla was restless all night. :-P

Also today I saw this wonderful news story -- Brooklyn woman returns from travel to find pregnant pigeon nesting in her pasta strainer. :D


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