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Bright sun and a bit warmer. There was a cottontail rabbit in our backyard last night; Chango sat and watched it intently, but I wouldn't let her out until it was gone. *g*

In art news, one of my favorite sites is The History Blog, and they've reported today that Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring is coming to the United States next year! It's part of an exhibition of 35 Dutch Golden Age masters, but the collection will only visit three cities -- San Francisco (January to June 2013), Atlanta (June through September), and New York City (October through January 2014). I am excite! :-D

Also, I am loving the title of this 17th-century Jan Steen painting, which will be included in the exhibition. It really makes me think of Raymond Carver, and that makes me very happy.
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1) Cold, overcast, and very windy today.

2) Had a small glass of sparkling wine with Thanksgiving dinner. It was from (of all places) New Mexico, but it was very nice. Tasty and cheap reasonably priced. *g*

3) Made this recipe for applesauce-spice cake yesterday. Substituted rum-soaked raisins for the walnuts and did not make the frosting. It was still delicious!

4) This sounds SO AWESOME. (It's the daily Audubon Page-Turning at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia.)

There. Four things make a post. :-D
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Hee. On Law & Order tonight ...

Cut in case anyone else is watching this )
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Picked up my January issue of Poetry magazine and found myself reading about a Scottish poet named Kathleen Jamie. I've resolved to order a couple of her books from Amazon -- Findings, which is a selection of essays, and The Queen of Sheba, a collection of poems. Here's one of her poems, from Waterlight:


Though I love this travelling life and yearn
like ships docked, I long
for rooms to open with my bare hands,
and there discover the wonderful, say
a ship's prow rearing, and a ladder
of rope thrown down.
Though young, I'm weary:
I'm all rooms at present, all doors
fastened against me;
but once admitted start craving
and swell for a fine, listing ocean-going prow
no man in creation can build me.

In one of her essays, she writes about taking the ferry to the Orkney Islands in December, 2004, and visiting the Neolithic site Maes Howe in order to try and see the single beam of solstice sunlight penetrate the darkness and illuminate the stone room. This is a gorgeous piece of writing, with lines like this, where she's talking about the moon:

It shone through a smirr of cloud, spreading its diffused light across the water.

Or this, about the islands:

On Burgar Hill, three wind turbines turned sluggishly, and a ragged skein of geese flew above them. The islands have been farmed for a very long time, and if you climb a hill and look at the green lands below, the farmhouses are so plentiful they look as though they've been shaken out of a box.

Or this last bit, about the birds:

A pair of ravens, Odin's birds, seemed to follow me along the cliff-top, making comments to each other in their intimate cronking.

Here's the link to the full article, as posted in The Guardian:,6109,1124890,00.html

It's a great read -- I think everyone here will enjoy it.


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