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Things what we have learned. (This is mainly about the Newest Member of the Nightdog Family, so feel free to skip. Although it does include her new name.)

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What else? I have nothing else. Five makes a post. I am working on answering comments. You guys are awesome. :D
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And nope, she still doesn't have a name. Probably by this weekend, though.

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Jan. 7th, 2015 01:36 pm
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Adopted a puppy this morning.

She's a Black Lab mix, black with maybe a tiny bit of white on her chest. She's about two to three months old, and she and her siblings (a litter of nine) were dumped out in the countryside by some asshole. Her shelter name is Sophie, but I don't think that's her Real Name. Maybe it's Peapod, pronounced Peepod. Because she peed on me. Heh.


Jan. 3rd, 2015 02:35 pm
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So driving around to look at adoptable dogs is emotionally exhausting, especially when the weather isn't cooperating, like it wasn't yesterday. Dark dark clouds and drizzly rain all day, then thunderstorms late last night. But today the sun is out. No adoption yet, although we did meet a dog yesterday who growled at Mister Nightdog. Yeah, that'll work. :-P

Finally more than three-quarters of the way through Winter's Tale -- Jesus Christ, is it long.

Need to refill the sunflower seed bird feeder -- the birds have been VORACIOUS this winter and the thing is almost empty. Done. :D


Dec. 29th, 2014 10:16 am
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A mostly-bright sun today with chilly temps -- it's 36 right now (2.2 degrees Celsius). Bathroom remodeling is STILL ongoing, which is starting to wear on my nerves (they haven't gotten here yet this morning, so at the moment it's nice and quiet).

Went to a couple of places yesterday to look at dogs -- the Hound Haven people were at our local Petco for an adoption event, and after that we went to Operation Kindness. Long story short, no adoption yet, although I did get a face full of sloppy, slobbery kisses from an enthusiastic pit bull named Georgia. *g* Georgia is a beautiful girl, fawn-colored with a GIGANTIC PIT BULL HEAD. I MEAN YOU GUYS. How are pit bull puppies even BORN? Well, anyway. The Operation Kindness folks were very nice, but man, it's hard visiting a shelter. Even the good ones are like Dog Prison, with the poor "inmates" having no idea why they're there. At least I got to play with some tiny black puppies? :-)

So. Will be visiting another shelter and the SPCA sometime this week.
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It was a beautiful day today with bright sun, although there was a chilly wind out of the west. Saw wrens, cardinals, and a lovely little Pine Warbler on the suet basket. Roasted a duck for dinner, which was super-delicious. :D

Will probably go out Sunday to look at dogs and puppies. :-)
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Much better this afternoon after getting out and running some errands, one of which was going by PetsMart and buying a new food and water dish for WHOEVER joins us. Whomever? Eh. Anyway, I found myself petting a sweet and friendly young dog who slobbered all over my boots and seemed to have the head of a MASTIFF grafted onto a slender Black Lab body. You guys, this pup's head was MASSIVE. You could've plowed a field with this dog's head! Cleared brush! Pounded nails! (Actually, Hammer would have been a good name for this dog.) The owner said he was six months old and weighed 58 pounds, and I thought (but didn't say) that it must have been all in his head. Hopefully he will get some ... proportions as he grows, but right now, as Blackmare said, he's Frankenpuppy. :D

Then! Running my other errands, I saw what looked like a cross between a Golden Retriever and an Irish setter, a beautiful brown Siberian Husky, and a yellow Lab. SIGNS. PORTENTS. HINTS AND ALLEGATIONS.


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