Apr. 2nd, 2017

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Bring May flowers? April flowers, more like it, since the seasons are sped up this year. It is just now calming down -- it started raining at about 12:30 this morning and pretty much rained the rest of the night and into the day. At least we didn't have any hail -- we had nickel-sized hail last week with a few golf balls thrown in, which was no fun. O_o

I am so far behind in replying to comments, both here and on AO3. I can only blame my free-floating anxiety and general sense of dread, which has gotten so much worse since ... well. Really, since last November. :-P

In good news, there are definitely chicks in the wren nest cave -- the parents have been feeding them and I can hear the babies squeaking. Layla has seen the parents coming and going and simply watches them (the wrens ignore her but do dive-bomb the squirrels and warn away other birds). She chased a pair of doves that were in the back yard yesterday -- made them fly and then went bounding across the yard in pure, unadulterated canine joy. She was so happy.

Also in good news, some of the tomato plants are blooming (the Rutgers and Black Krim, definitely; will have to look at the others). (Editing to add that one of the Carnival tomatoes is also blooming; nothing yet from the Better Bush.)


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