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I'm not sorry to see you go. :-P

Reading Colm Tóibín's Brooklyn because I wanted to read the book before seeing the movie. It's been a while since I've read one of these "slice of life" novels, and I'd forgotten how ... quiet they can be. Maybe too quiet? We shall see.

Watched most of The Danish Girl last night and was once again swept away by Alicia Vikander's stunning beauty. Was also amused to see Belgian actor Matthias Schoenaerts in it, all cleaned up and looking very fine, as I totally associate him with the psycho wannabe thief and all-around lowlife Eric Deeds in The Drop, where he assumes a completely acceptable American accent (as do Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace). :D

Also, in somewhat local news -- it's one of the oldest tricks in the book.

And last but definitely not least, a bonus pic of Layla ...  )
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Taken yesterday --

 photo Layla15_zpsnexdgmj5.jpg

A few more under the cut ...  )


Weather is GORGEOUS here. It really feels as if we have skipped winter altogether and gone straight into spring.

Also! Saw a screech owl last night, for the first time in months and months! It was TINY, sitting on a branch, trilling to itself. :D
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Finished reading Hampton Sides' In the Kingdom of Ice and wow was it GREAT. This is just a terrific read, one of the best non-fiction books I've read this year. It's the true story of the De Long expedition to the North Pole in 1879, which went about as well as you'd expect a polar expedition of 1879 to go. Which is to say, badly. This incredible tale reads like a novel -- gripping and so well-told, I was looking forward to every chapter. I didn't want to skip ahead and I didn't want to Google to see how it ended -- I wanted EVERY DROP OF THIS STORY. Two thumbs WAY UP, five stars. Read this book. :D

Saw a screech owl on our walk last night. It was sitting on the ground, and when Layla couldn't contain herself any more and barked at it, it flew to the railing of the little wooden bridge that arches over the neighborhood culvert, and when Layla barked again, it flew away.

And speaking of Layla, here are a couple of pics I took this afternoon in our backyard. :D

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 photo Mississippi kite 1_zpsxr5lksyj.jpg

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In other news, I finished The Turner House and have started Richard Price's The Whites.

I am writing a Housefic and it looks like I will actually finish it.

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Not of me, heh. Still recovering from Tuesday, just now worked up enough energy to vacuum the den. Felt better afterwards, though, and the den looks SO MUCH better. *g*

The mango seedling we planted a couple of weeks ago is growing! Two shots of it under the cut ...

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Otherwise, there were four huge crows in the backyard this morning. Cottontails are still visiting, as is Mr. Mouse (okay, yes, I know it's a mouse but c'mon, he's really cute). Blue jays, doves and house finches visiting the water dish. :-)
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Eight photos beneath the cut. Dog, lizards, hilarity ensues. This was all just about an hour ago. *g*

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My poor dog. She's such a genius. :-D
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I scattered some more corn and peanuts in our backyard this morning, and got a fine crowd of white-winged doves, robins, cardinals, woodpeckers, the blue jay that mews like a cat (for real), squirrels, and this cottontail, looking somewhat worse the wear for the season. *g*

Photos of the rabbit under the cut ...  )
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Seven photos from this afternoon, none of them very interesting exciting. *g*

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Snow Dog

Jan. 9th, 2011 01:24 pm
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Two photos of Chango, taken about 20 minutes ago. :-)

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Dog and flower, one taken just a few minutes ago, one in Kansas City.

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After being silent most of the day, the jackhammer two doors down has started up again. Boo and hiss.

To compensate, here is a picture of Chango (from this morning) under the cut ...  )
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Quick trip to grocery store, and Christ on a pogo stick, it's hot. It's only 102 (38.9 Celsius), but the humidity makes it feel every frickin' degree of 106.

Also. While I was looking for something else, I found this. I couldn't remember if I'd ever posted this here before. *g*

Yes, that's me ... )
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Chango brought me a tennis ball, and when I went out on the deck I saw this handsome fellow.

Dragonfly alert ...  )
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So, remember that volunteer sunflower that I said I didn't think was going to bloom?

Yeah, about that ...  )

Overcast and warm at 92 degrees (33.3 Celsius). There were lots of storms around us yesterday afternoon and evening, but we only got a sprinkle of rain. We did get a lot of thunder, which caused Chango to hide in her den all night.

Not much else right at the moment ...
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Sunny, 85 degrees (29.4 Celsius). Need to do housely things today, including putting fresh sheets on the bed and vacuuming.

Also doing an f-list trim -- just as a matter of point, every day is LJ Amnesty Day here. If I weren't me, I'd think this is the most one of the most boring journals ever in the history of journals, so if this isn't what you're looking for or not what you thought it would be, please feel free to drop me like a hot potato. Or a bad penny. Or, y'know, whatever metaphor comes to mind. :-D

And here are two photos from this morning. Sorry, neither is of Chango -- she wouldn't hold still long enough.

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There are now four eggs in the nest. :-) Also, it's been rearranged a bit (not by me), so that the entrance is pointing slightly more downwards. Sorry for the quality of these two shots -- the sun is going in and out of the clouds.

Another egg ...  )

Have called and rescheduled our Terminix pest-control appointment so nothing awful drifts onto the nest. I actually haven't seen either adult wren yesterday or (so far) today, so I'm hoping this isn't some big false alarm with infertile eggs. I guess we'll see.

Otherwise -- mostly sunny, breezy, 73 degrees (22.7 Celsius). Need to run some errands today. And a poem, yes.
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So I was going to clean out a big ceramic pot to put the little basil plants in, and imagine my surprise when I found something there already ...

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Because I can, here's Chango in the backyard, just a few minutes ago. Yes, I know the grass needs cutting already. *g*

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It snowed a couple of inches, I think, but it's starting to melt already even though it is still friggin' cold outside. It's 37 degrees (2.7 C), which isn't that bad, but the wind is blasting out of the west northwest to give us a wind chill of 24 (-4.4). Erk. So I took a few photos, but I didn't want to venture out on the deck.

Photos ...  )


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