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SO. I've been away for a bit, and here's why ...

Female medical stuff follows, so skip if that's a squick for you ...  )

In addition to all this, I am reading David Sedaris' Theft by Finding: Diaries 1977 - 2002 and loving it. :-)


Jan. 18th, 2016 04:36 pm
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Glenn Frey is gone, aged 67. What the actual fuck.

That's Frey on lead vocals. The Eagles were everywhere in the '70s, when I was in college. Everywhere.


Jan. 12th, 2016 06:42 pm
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Oh my god so sleepy. I am really hoping the chronic insomnia eases up this summer, when I should be able to quit taking the anastrozole. :-P

But! It was beautiful today -- relatively warm with a clear blue sky. And I got Elizabeth Strout's new book My Name Is Lucy Barton in the mail! AND. I got another one of these wonderful fleece pullovers! They're fleecier and heavier than the women's line, and these winter days I'm always cold (honestly, I think my internal thermostat got reset five years ago). So anyway, I'm happy about those things. :D
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More than anything else I want my dog; yet she is the one thing in this world that I cannot have.

This is very hard.
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So. I haven't posted lately, and it was because Chango, without my really noticing it, had become quite elderly. And with elderly comes a whole bag of other health problems.

This does not have a happy ending, so I'll keep it short. )
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Ugh, ugh, ugh, have been having some MIGHTY FINE hot flashes today. All part of the cycle of anastrozole -- they'll ease off next month, but it really brings home why fully 54% of women quit taking their aromatase inhibitors after 25 months (source from a 2011 study). Sigh.

Warm and windy, with the possibility of storms tonight and/or tomorrow. What else?

1) Finished Robert Hilburn's biography of Johnny Cash and really liked it. Solid recommendation.

2) Read Jennifer Clements' Prayers for the Stolen in about two days (it's super-short). It's about the life of women in villages in Guerrero State, Mexico (outside Acapulco), the cartels, the murders, the lives of the rich and poor. I enjoyed it (not really the right word) but it left me wanting more, a deeper story. Also this book is by an American who lives in Mexico City -- which doesn't make it bad or wrong, but I'd like to hear this story from another voice. But I don't know one yet, so I'll have to look.

3) Currently reading Keith Houston's study of punctuation, symbols, and typography, which is both fascinating and funny, thanks to Houston's playful sense of humor. Very much liking this -- also it is a beautifully-designed book, as the special characters are printed in red.

4) Blackmare and I did a little sketching out of the Riververse fic that should come after the next Riververse fic (which is in draft). :D

5) The Early Girl tomatoes are getting bigger but no red yet. A few tiny baby tomatoes have appeared on the Black Prince and Lemon Boy. And we have two serranos. *g*

What else? I don't even. :D
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So I don't talk about this very much any more, but here from the NY Times is a piece about life after cancer that's one of the truest things I've ever read. Under the cut for all to read.

Read more... )


May. 26th, 2013 04:41 pm
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Warm and humid after more rain yesterday. Very blah, blah, and blah because I haven't been sleeping well at all. I'm fairly sure it's the anastrozole, so ... at least there's that?

Finished Kate Atkinson's Life After Life and really liked it, although it left me a little sad. It's a book I'd love to see filmed -- if they could do Cloud Atlas then anything is possible.

Started Tan Twan Eng's The Garden of Evening Mists last night -- it is a slow start but otherwise good.

Had to put up tomato fencing and stakes for the tomato plants. Some of them are four feet tall. O_o


Dec. 15th, 2012 01:16 pm
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Bought a Christmas tree while I was out Thursday, one of those 5 - 6' tall Fraser firs from Lowe's for $20. We don't get a tree every year -- Mister Nightdog is Jewish and I'm an agnostic, but this year felt right, especially after our health-related Fun Times shenanigans last year. Put it up yesterday (Mr. N was away) and decorated it with one string of colored lights and ornaments as I listened to the news get bad and then worse. As Eliot said -- "I had not thought death had undone so many."

The tree is really lovely.

Read the first fifty pages or so of T.C. Boyle's new novel San Miguel last night. Excellent so far.


Jun. 11th, 2012 01:58 pm
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Ugh, slept v. badly last night. The one-a-day drug I take (anastrozole) can have a side effect of hot flashes, and they seem to come and go in cycles. One month I will have almost none; the next month they come in waves. Also, I think that perhaps Chango is becoming afraid of the dark, because when I turn out my light to go to sleep, she comes to my side of the bed, anxious and wanting comfort. She is nine years old, so I guess this is to be expected to some degree. Last night I got up and found an old nightlight we have and plugged it in -- that seemed to help, so it'll be interesting to see what happens tonight. (She's fine during the day, btw.)

May put down the Steinbeck for a while -- it's a decent read, but the biological collection methods of 1940 were horrific, to say the least. As just one example, they caught a sea turtle, cut for graphic description ...  )

Anyway. Watched the Tony Awards last night and was happy to see Nina Arianda win for lead actress in Venus in Fur. She was in Born Yesterday last year with RSL, and was nominated for that role also. So that's a good thing. :-D


Apr. 24th, 2012 12:44 pm
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Okay, so let's get this out of the way right off the bat ...

Two observations about last night's promo ...  )

TL;DR, I think there are mysteries yet to come, and if the worst happens, it'll happen, but it still won't be what we expect.

So. Beautiful and sunny here, probably need to run some errands but we'll see. Tomatoes are doing well although we lost some of the ripening cherry tomatoes to a caterpillar. Grrrr. Also need to clean up and tweak the fic I finished and send it to my First Readers.

And ... onward.


Mar. 30th, 2012 03:42 pm
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First haircut in seven months.

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Sunny, warm, birds singing. Watched a big blue jay take a splash-bath in the deck bird dish. Stripped the bed for new sheets, folded and put away some laundry. Finished Louis Bayard's Mr. Timothy last night, really enjoyed it. Wonderfully researched, an exciting plot (with mysterious kidnappings, breakneck chases, and an evil lord) that carries you right along -- I'm actually surprised no one's made a movie of this yet, unless everyone who might do so thinks that the Sherlock Holmes juggernaut is simply too big. Oh well -- at least folks can enjoy reading this very entertaining book. A strong thumbs-up from me.

Took my first Arimidex (anastrozole) today. 1,824 to go. :-)


Feb. 28th, 2012 06:44 pm
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Got out, went to Sam's Club, the post office, and grocery store. Warm and very windy all day -- the useless Bradford pears are in full bloom, as are the redbuds, forsythia, and plums.

Sam's Club is a warehouse store. We go there because you can buy three liters of decent olive oil for around $16 (among other things -- today I was also looking at blueberry bushes and pecan trees and books). Anyway, I happened to walk past a display of Lucky Brand blue jeans and t-shirts, and one of the shirts had a Lucky design on it with a motto across the top -- "Too tough to die," it said. Oh, I thought. That's my shirt.

So I bought it. :-D


Feb. 7th, 2012 04:47 pm
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33 down, none to go. Done with the zaps. They gave me a certificate that mentions my "courage, determination and good nature." HA, HOW LITTLE THEY KNOW ME. *g*

Still reading -- finished Wade Davis' Into the Silence and it was GREAT. Am now reading Connie Willis' two-volume novel Blackout/All Clear, and am wondering, I am sorry to say, how it EVER won the Hugo and Nebula awards. And I'm a fan of Connie Willis -- her Doomsday Book is an absolute marvel, very well worth the read, and Passage is melancholy and beautiful and very strange. Blackout/All Clear ... not so much. As one reviewer said on Amazon, somewhere in all that padding is a great novel trying to get out. Oy.

About last night's 'House' ...  )

And ... that's all I got.


Feb. 1st, 2012 05:26 pm
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Today was so much better than yesterday. Things that made me happy today:

Saw my GP this morning for the first time since All the Fun began. He came into the exam room and the first thing he did was give me a big hug. Even better is the fact that he looks vaguely like Joseph Gordon-Levitt. *g*

Before that, though, there was a guy in the waiting room who was ninety-four years old. NINETY-FOUR, YOU GUYS. I know this because he was there with his granddaughter (?), who was filling out a form for him, and he loudly announced that his birthday was OCTOBER 9TH, 1917. I smiled and gave him a thumbs-up, and he said "I get up every morning ready to see what's new!" I said that was an excellent philosophy. Ninety-four, chiclets. I want to be him when I grow up.

I went out without a headwrap for the first time in at least four months today. I did wear a baseball cap -- my black one from the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, Alberta, that has a GLOWY T-REX SKELETON on the front. :-D

Something else that made me happy? Planned Parenthood fundraising spiked yesterday, raising $400,000 in 24 hours. I made an online contribution, you bet. More background on this shameful episode is available from the Dallas Observer and the Washington Post.
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Beautiful weather today, very un-January-like. Still grinding through the zappity-doo-dahs; this afternoon there was an ambulance pulled up in front of the clinic. I didn't ask why -- my assumption was that someone either had a heart attack or a very bad reaction to a chemo session (or, y'know, both). Just another day in oncology-land.

Which brings me to this -- Susan G. Komen responds to Republican fishing expedition by cutting funds to Planned Parenthood. Here's the coverage by Jezebel, and a short piece from the Washington Post. For shame. Really, for shame. Cancer doesn't care if you're pro-choice or to the right of Attila the Hun; it'll kill you just as dead if you're rich or if you're the person who's been out of work for a year and can't get a mammogram because your local Planned Parenthood clinic doesn't offer them anymore. JFC. Shameful.


Jan. 19th, 2012 04:51 pm
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cut for rads blather ...  )

Stopped by the grocery store on the way home and was rewarded by overhearing a toddler ask one of the meat-counter butchers if she was a doctor. The white coat, y'see. I LOL'd, for real, as did the toddler's mom.

Beautiful weather today, 72 degrees (22.2 degrees Celsius). Supposed to be even warmer tomorrow.


Dec. 28th, 2011 04:00 pm
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Bright sun, warming up a bit. 60 degrees right now (15.6 degrees Celsius). Got up early this morning for a doctor visit ...  )

So. Taking leftover roast duck from Christmas Eve and making enchiladas verdes, with fresh tomatillos. Mmm, tomatillos. I love 'em. :-D


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