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1) Layla discovered a tiny baby bunny in the backyard. First and most importantly, IT'S OKAY. I called her away and she (reluctantly) left it alone. Our yard guys had come and mowed -- they hadn't been here in a few weeks so the grass was pretty high, and even though Layla is out and about every day, it must've been well-hidden. SO. The tiny bunny covered itself up again with fluff (I thought at first it was a downy baby bird), and we moved a plastic deck chair over the burrow (a shallow burrow) and surrounded it with some tomato fencing (which looks like this -- folds and unfolds, easy to pass through for small animals). Layla was still interested, after all this, but I told her "NO" very sternly and she is good about leaving things alone if I do that. :-)

2) Meanwhile, all our tomato plants are blooming and the dill is growing very well. We need to do something with the basil; it's ALREADY starting to flower. I foresee pasta in our future.

3) I've been copy/pasting my LJ Memories links over to Dreamwidth, since they don't transfer in imports. Here are a few of the Housefics I stopped and re-read last night:

Accidental, by [ profile] menolly_au
Ningyo, by [ profile] yarroway
Made Visible, by [ profile] rubyjuly
Bang, Bang ... (that awful sound), by [ profile] jezziejay
Usually, You Cut Them Out, by [ profile] sassyjumper

Please READ THE WARNINGS -- some of these are not what you would call happy fics. But they're all great reads. :D

Three things = post.

Fic Rec

Dec. 16th, 2016 07:05 pm
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So, [personal profile] pwcorgigirl has a sweet little (new!) fic up, but LJ is doing its weird thing where it's not showing up as "hi, I'm new!" on her page. So here's the link, and a strong, two-thumbs-up rec. :D

You're Not from Texas
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The writer Joe Hill tweeted about this small piece of fiction, and wow is it worth reading. Reminds me just a little bit of Hilary Mantel's Beyond Black, but this is very much its own tale -- a ghost story with a superbly original twist.

Animal Magnetism, by Shannon Peavey
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I was trying to remember the author and title of an older Housefic last night. I knew it involved zombies (ha!) overrunning the hospital and a key scene with House and Wilson near the end, but for the life of me I couldn't remember anything else. At first I thought it might be [ profile] triedunture's The Rampant Disease, but nope, that wasn't it. It was Perspi who remembered it was Rush Down Darkness, by [ profile] starlingthefool (also here on AO3)! YAY! :D

So anyway it was fun looking at old fic. :-)

Also, here is our local 7-day forecast. If we can just hold out until Wednesday! *g*
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Fic Recs: [ profile] jezziejay has written a wonderful new fic, Hey, Hey, I Saved the World Today .... House and Wilson, in Florida, post-series, and ... well, that's about it. Seriously, that's the story. But ... it's them, both of them yearning towards something neither one can quite define, both of them waiting. Gritty and real and not fluffy at all, this is an absolutely terrific fic.

Also, [ profile] sassyjumper has written a second story in her Tiny Home series, in which Wilson decides he needs to simplify his life and House (reluctantly) comes along for the ride. The new fic (Dig in the Dirt) finds them moving into their new tiny home, meeting the neighbors, and generally trying to fit in. Yeah, good luck with that. This is a delightful series that I sincerely hope runs to a full catalog of stories!

And the fic search ... I saw this posted on [ profile] hw_reqs, here, and it's been tickling away at the back of my brain ever since. See, I think I remember this story. House thinks Wilson is dead, his burned body found in a torched car. I specifically remember a scene where House is sitting by himself, thinking about Wilson, and then believes he's hallucinating when Wilson shows up. He can smell the scorch, the remnants of smoke, and then Wilson speaks and he's not dead, he's alive. It wasn't his body in the car.

Does anyone else remember this? I was sure it was by [ profile] genagirl, but I looked at her stories on Squidge and couldn't find it. Then I thought it might be by [ profile] mer_duff, and I stayed up too late last night browsing through her fics, but I couldn't find it there. I know you guys have been ACES at finding lost stories, so I thought I'd appeal here. Anyone recognize the scene? Was it Gena? Was it Mer? Was it someone I'm BLANKING OUT ON ENTIRELY AND WILL BE EMBARRASSED ONCE IT'S FOUND? Well, probably. :D

ETA: Lost fic FOUND in record time. The one I was remembering is Another Chance, by Rennie51. Found in two minutes flat (I am not making that up) by [ profile] yarroway. See? I KNEW YOU GUYS COULD DO IT. I would hug all of you if I could. ♥ ♥ ♥
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Thank you, lovely Anonymous person, for the tasty LJ gingerbread man! ♥ ♥ ♥

Fic rec for [ profile] menolly_au's lovely Home for Christmas, Part Three (contains links to Part One and Two). Post-series, another future in which Wilson lives and Christmas Eve brings unexpected guests.

Cooking ribs for dinner; it's sunny here today, which is nice. Probably won't be around too much over the weekend, so everyone have a happy and safe New Year. :D


Nov. 2nd, 2012 06:38 pm
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Ridiculously warm here -- 84 degrees still (28.9 degrees Celsius) after a warm, sunny day.

1) Watched Elementary last night and noticed it was written by Liz Friedman, another former House writer (Peter Blake is there too). Last night's House-isms: one of the main suspects was a former doctor now working as a janitor (ha), and Holmes was allowed to rifle through a hospital's patient and personnel records in almost exactly the same way Detective Tritter did during the Tritter Arc. :D

Was also highly amused at Finch's de-squeaking of Bear's squeaky toy in Person of Interest. That is such an awesome dog.

2) Speaking of House, two post-show on-the-road fic series I've enjoyed/am enjoying are [ profile] namasteyoga's One Noble Function (link takes you to Savannah, the latest chapter with links to previous chapters), and [ profile] sassyjumper's Virginia Is For Lovers (link takes you to the tagged stories).

3) Here is a Very Cool Story about a mysterious carrier pigeon from WWII and the Secret Message it carried.

Three things make a post.
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Tired due to some Real Life stuff yesterday, which was getting one of those medical procedures you're supposed to have done when you reach a certain age. Readers who are of a certain age will recognize this procedure immediately when I say that it involved drinking a horrifically vile liquid (TWICE) and becoming more closely acquainted than you ever wanted to be with your bathroom. TMI cut ) So that was a shitload lot of fun. HA HA. SEE WHAT I DID THERE? I SLAY ME SOMETIMES. Sigh.

Started reading Robert Caro's Passage to Power, his latest volume in the LBJ saga.

Belated fic rec for [ profile] menolly_au's Have a Heart, which is all kinds of creepy and deeply unsettling. AND ALSO a rec for [personal profile] armchair_elvis' Elementary fic, the city sunset over me (this mess we're in).* Gorgeous and gritty, atmospheric and detailed and eerily real, this is Sherlock exchanging London for New York and learning how to live all over again. A sample line: He wants to tell her that London is a map, that it’s engraved on his bones, but he doesn’t. He’s not sure she’d understand. Read these fics. They are awesome. :D

*Full disclosure that I was one of the betas for this fic.
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Started seeds for fall tomatoes -- Belgian Giant and Arkansas Traveler. We'll see what happens; I was only going to plant a few, but Mr. Nightdog said no, err on the side of caution. So if we end up with ten plants I'm blaming him.

Also, making a peach pie because we can.

Also also, go read [ profile] alternatealto's new story, Scenic View. House, Wilson, after the series finale. Fun, sweet, tender, and all-around lovely.

AlsoX3, have a video. :D

I was listening to this last night. It makes me happy.

Fic Rec

Jul. 29th, 2012 08:42 pm
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Grilling some salmon, so a quick check-in to recommend a new fic from [ profile] rubyjuly -- Made Visible. Set after the series; please read the rating and warning. This is a beautiful, quiet, lovely story. It's also melancholy and autumnal, but that's not the point of the tale. :-)

Two big thumbs up.
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Warm and steamy. Swept and cleaned the kitchen floor; Chango helped extensively by not moving from her spot by the back door. Heh. Still working on the Riververse story -- have not done a wordcount, but I can tell you it is Long.

Fic rec is for [ profile] deelaundry's Summer Time. Why am I reccing this story? Because it flat-out made me happy. The story has a couple of kids in it, but they're well-drawn, real kids, and they and Wilson go to one of those fancy resort water-parks in Florida, and hijinks ensue, and we learn something about House (and Wilson), and Cameron's there at the beginning and she's funny and sweet and smart, and it just all fits together beautifully. So. Like I said. It made me happy, and I wanted it to go on for another 3,295 words.

Question: I'm thinking about pulling my fic recs and some of the stories in my Memories into a half-assed proper rec page. Do people as ... people who look at rec pages have a preference for how they're arranged? Like -- alphabetical by story title? Alphabetical by author name? Chronologically? I don't know if I'd have specific categories like "H/W" and "H/Cuddy" and "Wilson/Cameron," although I'd specify the pairing (if any) and rating (if any) in the rec. Anyone have any thoughts? :-)
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Saw this this morning on a friend's Tumblr and wondered if it was real. Apparently it is. Kudos, Ray-Ban.

Warm and steamy outside; watered all the deck plants and Chango helped by playing Catch the Water from the Hose. Heh.

The fic rec is for Ningyo, by [ profile] yarroway. I read this late last night, and it is simply marvelous, full of light and shadow and mythos, with the most understated and graceful touch of magical realism I've seen since ... well, since [ profile] nieded's great Asphyxiation. This is a gorgeous story. I haven't been able to get into LJ at all so far today, so when it reappears I'll add the link(s).
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Sunny and warm, chickadees and the kite singing to themselves outside. Ran errands yesterday; got my car inspected and picked up a few things at the store, including fresh blueberries, some of which I had with shredded wheat this morning.

So. There are actually two fic recs -- one is a prequel to the other, but they don't need to be read together if for some reason you don't want to read one or the other.

Spoilers for episode 8.20, 'Post Mortem' ...  )

Also, I was thinking ficly thoughts, and I realized the last three stories I've written (Bodhisattva, Bonfire, and Word for World Is Mountain) have all been (relatively) hopeful tales, one might almost say happy. Obviously this is not like me at all. So for anyone who'd like to read something a bit more down, here's an excerpt from a WIP I work at fitfully. It doesn't have a name yet -- I just call it The Icelandair Saga. There's nothing graphic or gory in the excerpt, but if you don't want to read about a major character death, don't click the cut.

Read more... )

Doc Martin tonight, Sherlock tomorrow, House on Monday. :-D
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Sunny, a little cooler, but still no rain. Must run some errands today, as I have been neglecting them, choosing instead to spend my time online, feverishly reloading pages, looking for new House spoilers. Yes, I have no life. But no more -- I must go out. :-D

Tried a couple of our cherry tomatoes last night, and they were very good. Sweet and crisp. Started reading Hilary Mantel's Bring Up the Bodies (the sequel to Wolf Hall), and so far (the first 60 or so pages) it is wonderful. Also watched The Hours last night -- I hadn't seen it in a few years, but it was just as melancholy and lovely and luminous as ever. Ed Harris is just great in it.

The fic rec is for [ profile] jezziejay's newest. It's a short post-episode tag for "Post Mortem," a small riff on friendship, truth, and the proper place of alter egos. Spoilers for the ep if you haven't seen it. The story is called With and Without You, and I highly recommend it.
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Sunny and warm. Found a tiny caterpillar chowing down on the basil last night; chucked him out of the yard and moved the plant. Hoping this solves the disappearing-herb problem. *g*

[ profile] mer_duff is doing an awesome Writer Q&A at [ profile] sick_wilson. Go! Read! Ask questions! :-D

Also in the fandom realm, [ profile] menolly_au has written a couple of post-ep ficlets for "Gut Check" that I really liked -- Duncan and Turnabout. They are well worth a read. :)


Mar. 3rd, 2012 02:49 pm
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Partly cloudy, a bit cooler than it has been (61 degrees, 16.1 degrees Celsius). Have been reading Sheri Holman's Witches on the Road Tonight, which is strange and different and, so far, quite good. It's about an old man, Eddie Alley, born and raised in Appalachia, whose mother was, quite probably, a witch. Eddie grew up to host a kids' TV show -- one of those low-budget local-channel programs like Dialing for Dollars, except Eddie showed cheesy horror movies on something called the Shock! channel, and Eddie was called (and costumed as) "Captain Casket." Now he's dying of cancer and looking back at his life. Also, Eddie's daughter may be a witch, and Eddie's family may have caused one or more people to disappear in the past. All of which makes an intriguing story that rocks right along, marred only by the authorial/editorial confusion over pedaled/peddled (really now) and klieg/kleig (as in light). Sigh.

Have vacuumed den and bedroom. Making kung pao chicken for dinner tonight. :-)

EDITED TO ADD a fic rec for the newest from [personal profile] deelaundry -- Rock Your Body. PG-13, H/W friendship, spoilers for late Season 6. This is funny and sweet and a delight to read. House knows a lot about Wilson, but he doesn't know everything.
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Sunny and hot, ran a few errands -- 105 degrees, yee haw. It was good to get out, though.

What else? Chango is in the process of blowing her coat, which means she pants happily as you brush out giant clumps of underfur that, unless you grab them quickly, float away in the air and end up god knows where.

[ profile] l_eremita, I got your card! ♥ ♥ ♥

Also, [ profile] mer_duff has a new story up -- A Warm Body -- and, as usual, it's full of Mer-awesomeness. :-)
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It's not 100 yet, but today is forecast to be the 37th straight day of 100+ temperatures. There is finally hope on the horizon -- the high-pressure system that's been sitting on top of the region for so long is expected to start drifting west late next week. A light breeze has begun blowing the last couple of days, clearing out some of the still, stale air. Also, in the Auguries Department, this morning I saw a pair of hawks wheeling in the sky, and when Mr. N cracked an egg for French toast, it was double-yolked.

Mr. N wants to make bread today, so have taken the yeast, sunflower seeds, and some bulgur out of the refrigerator to warm up. Still need to find the 10-grain mix. Or we could just use the bulgur.

Picked up The Hobbit last night, intending to read only the first chapter. Stayed for three.

The fic rec is not for a new story. It's from 2007, and it's one of those five-things fics. I re-read it late last night and was so glad I did. Full disclosure that the author is one of my own writing partners.

The Past is Another Country, by [personal profile] pwcorgigirl.

Fic Rec

Jul. 4th, 2011 09:57 pm
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A new story from [personal profile] mer_duff. Need I say any more? :-D

The Fourth.
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Warm, humid. Still reading the first volume of Simon Callow's biography of Orson Welles so that I can catch up to the second.

In much more awesome news, [personal profile] deelaundry has written a sequel to my fic These Crimes Between Us! It is just wonderful, spinning off a tangential mention of a character and carrying the original story forward in the most unexpected of ways. If you choose to read These Crimes Between Us first, be sure to note the warnings and tags -- it is not a walk in the park. Dee's story is rated R. Did I mention it was wonderful? It's Until a Quieter Time. :-D

And another rec, from [ profile] stenveny -- five years after the Season 7 finale, a search for a new Dean of Medicine brings an unusual candidate in Called. You guys know I love a good Original Character, and here's one that's a real standout. She's that one thing that a good OC should always be, and that's interesting. I want to know more about this character, I want to know where she lives, what she has for breakfast, what's the first thing she sees when she opens her eyes in the morning. As I told Stenveny, I would happily read a whole series about this character, and I would love to see more of this fascinating ficverse.

All I've got for now -- hope folks are having a good Thursday.


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