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So I watched House last night (and enjoyed it). But when I saw the promo for episode 8.15, I had to smile, because way back in December of 2006 I wrote 484 words about one of those very plot points. So ... warning, for a possible spoiler (since the promo engineers at the show are Very Clever Squirrels and the actual plot point may turn out to be nothing). Read at your own risk.

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So this one isn't House -- it's Stargate: Atlantis, from July of 2007. Rodney vanishes while working in a heretofore-unknown Ancient lab. 988 words, notes at the end.

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1,874 words, from December of 2008. This and Nor Any Voice of Mourning, both WWII AU fics, were vying for attention. The latter eventually won out. I was very much aiming for that particularly "gung ho/all-American" aspect of 1940s films of this era, so my apologies for the stereotyped characters, especially poor Corporal Thibodeaux. *g* Notes at the end.

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948 words, and a really good reason to hope my Google browsing history is never subpoenaed. This is from April, 2008. Notes at the end like yesterday. *g*

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Some of the WIPs I'm letting go have names, some don't. This one did. Unless otherwise stated, they're all going to be House-Wilson (in some form or other). This is an AU way-distant-future thing. A few more present-day notes (including how it was supposed to end) are at the end; anyone who would like take anything from away from this (or any other Fly Free WIP I post) is more than welcome to do so. From December, 2007, this is 2,656 words.

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Mar. 12th, 2012 01:04 pm
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Bright sun, beautiful and warm. About to post the first of my Fly Free, Little WIPs. For some reason, this is making me all tiddlywinks happy.


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