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Mar. 1st, 2016 02:24 pm
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And so far it's about like February -- sunny and warm, things turning green.

We made bread yesterday -- wheat and white, with golden syrup for sweetness and half-cups of ten-grain, bulgur, pepitas, and, this time, rolled oats. It made the whole house smell so good while it was baking, and we had some for toast this morning and it was OMG DELICIOUS. :D
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Really, you can just stop with the death shit any time now. I mean, really. >:-P

So anyway. Decided it would be a good day to make bread, so that's what we're doing. Mixed whole wheat with white, ten-grain, a quarter-cup of bulgur, sunflower seeds, blackstrap molasses for sweetness. :-)
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Today was bread day -- we baked two lovely loaves, a mix of whole wheat and all-purpose white, along with 10-grain cereal, sunflower seeds, and honey.

Read Joe Hill's 20th Century Ghosts, which I recommend wholeheartedly to anyone interested in GENUINELY SCARY STORIES. Holy crap, some of these stories are just terrifying. I loved it.

Watched Jean-Luc Godard's Breathless the other night. I'd never seen it and thought I should. I liked it -- good god, Jean-Paul Belmondo was so young and tough, and Jean Seberg was so beautiful. Still, when it ended, I was kind of like "Well, okay." So now I've seen it. *g*

I'm still working on Alaska II. :D
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Bread dough in a warm oven for first rising, used orange blossom honey as the sweetener, 10-grain cereal and sunflower seeds.

Here's something cool -- 16th-century ostrich egg globe first to depict New World.
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Baking bread today, dough is in a warm oven for its first rising. This time used blackstrap molasses, 10-grain, and pepitas.

Watched the documentary Searching for Sugar Man last night and really enjoyed it. Also started Barbara Kingsolver's Flight Behavior.


Jun. 26th, 2013 05:15 pm
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Baking bread today.


May. 18th, 2013 08:12 pm
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Oh my god, Doctor Who was amazing. Wow.

Baked bread today -- two whole wheat/unbleached all-purpose loaves with 10-grain cereal and lovely nutty pepitas this time instead of sunflower seeds.


Apr. 27th, 2013 06:29 pm
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Baked bread today, for the first time in forever. Used whole wheat flour, a bit of unbleached all-purpose, some 10-grain cereal, and sunflower seeds. Sweetened the dough with a quarter-cup of a wonderful gift from a lovely friend -- golden syrup. We had never tasted golden syrup, and my exact reaction was "Oh my god this is INCREDIBLE." I swear, it's like butter-infused honey from magical bees. :D


Feb. 23rd, 2012 07:02 pm
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Beautiful day -- I think the high was 82 (27.8 degrees Celsius). A cold front coming through tonight will drop the temps back into the 50s, so we seized the opportunity today to make bread. Two gorgeous loaves, mixed wheat and all-purpose white flour, with sunflower seeds and a little cane syrup for sweetness. The house smells wonderful.

Finished Jo Walton's Among Others, and ... well. Hello there, Unreliable Narrator. In the end, I'm not sure what the actual point of the novel was. I understand it's supposed to be a Coming of Age story, and that it's a figurative valentine to science fiction and fantasy and to the power of the written word (in the form of books) to provide an outlet for lonely, alienated kids. Maybe it's because I never felt that close to the narrator, even though it's in first-person POV. I couldn't connect with her, and Walton muddied things just enough for me to doubt what I was hearing -- hence the Unreliable Narrator. I recommend "Just Karen"'s review on Amazon for an excellent take on this book. Among Others is beautifully written but it left me utterly cold.

So. On to something new then. And for a great example of an unreliable narrator, I highly recommend John Lanchester's The Debt to Pleasure.
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It's not 100 yet, but today is forecast to be the 37th straight day of 100+ temperatures. There is finally hope on the horizon -- the high-pressure system that's been sitting on top of the region for so long is expected to start drifting west late next week. A light breeze has begun blowing the last couple of days, clearing out some of the still, stale air. Also, in the Auguries Department, this morning I saw a pair of hawks wheeling in the sky, and when Mr. N cracked an egg for French toast, it was double-yolked.

Mr. N wants to make bread today, so have taken the yeast, sunflower seeds, and some bulgur out of the refrigerator to warm up. Still need to find the 10-grain mix. Or we could just use the bulgur.

Picked up The Hobbit last night, intending to read only the first chapter. Stayed for three.

The fic rec is not for a new story. It's from 2007, and it's one of those five-things fics. I re-read it late last night and was so glad I did. Full disclosure that the author is one of my own writing partners.

The Past is Another Country, by [personal profile] pwcorgigirl.


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