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So I fell down a Wikipedia hole this afternoon, looking at a list of former hotels in Manhattan. Because really, you never know when someone will need a place a stay in an historical fic or AU! After all, if the New York Times hadn't decided to move their offices in 1902, the Pabst Hotel might still be around to host some hijinks. :D

BUT ANYWAY. I was reading about the Hotel McAlpin, which had a restaurant called the Marine Grill, decorated with murals by the American artist Frederick Dana Marsh. TL;DR, in the process of renovation, the hotel was gutted in 1989 and the murals ended up at the Fulton Street subway station, where they can be seen today at the Broadway/Nassau entry/exit.

// end of rambling story //

I read 43 books this year (if I finish David Jaher's The Witch of Lime Street tonight, it will be 44).

Well, I hope 2017 is better than 2016. Hope.
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Bread dough in a warm oven for first rising, used orange blossom honey as the sweetener, 10-grain cereal and sunflower seeds.

Here's something cool -- 16th-century ostrich egg globe first to depict New World.


Jan. 27th, 2013 02:35 pm
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Partly cloudy, warm and humid. The sun keeps trying to come out.

Ran across this photo yesterday and liked it a lot. Antlers, by an artist named Andrej Glusgold. Reminds me of Magritte and Frida Kahlo.

Feel like looking at some of my WIPs and seeing if anything will talk to me. But must also bake a small blackberry cake. As one does.


Jul. 1st, 2012 02:35 pm
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And a happy Canada Day to all! :-D

Warm today, but not as hot as it has been. We are loving our new A/C -- cool and quiet and did I say cool?

Still doing the Tumblr thing, learning that things can be just as nuts interesting there as on LJ and/or DW, and that gosh, I actually do have a squick zone that I will unfollow folks for (no one here, obvs). I mean. How is one to predict the sudden appearance of a dinosaur stuck up a girl's naked ass on one's dashboard? But. What I am really enjoying is discovering some new artists, examples of which are under the cut.

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So. Must do some housely stuff and start laundry.
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So yesterday was pretty much blah and not worth remembering? NOT SO THIS MORNING, because I saw one of THESE:


YOU GUYS. THAT IS A GREAT HORNED OWL. OMG. I heard blue jays squawking, and then they were joined by an entire consortium of crows, both sets of birds shouting at the tops of their little avian lungs. So I got up to see what the hell was going on, and they were all in our neighbor's tree by our back yard, along with the owl. Who was just sitting there, being all dignified, swiveling his head every now and then to glare at the crows. I grabbed my binoculars and focused in, and the owl looked at me. He saw me, of this I am absolutely sure. Chango couldn't figure out why the crows were yelling -- she kept looking back and forth at them and at me, and finally decided it might be safer to stand behind me. *g* I stepped out onto the deck, and everyone took flight. The crows pursued the owl, still fussing and calling, until I couldn't hear them anymore.

It was so frickin' awesome.
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Bright sun and a bit warmer. There was a cottontail rabbit in our backyard last night; Chango sat and watched it intently, but I wouldn't let her out until it was gone. *g*

In art news, one of my favorite sites is The History Blog, and they've reported today that Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring is coming to the United States next year! It's part of an exhibition of 35 Dutch Golden Age masters, but the collection will only visit three cities -- San Francisco (January to June 2013), Atlanta (June through September), and New York City (October through January 2014). I am excite! :-D

Also, I am loving the title of this 17th-century Jan Steen painting, which will be included in the exhibition. It really makes me think of Raymond Carver, and that makes me very happy.


Nov. 28th, 2011 03:01 pm
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Bright sun, our first real freeze of the season last night. 55 degrees now (12.8 degrees Celsius) -- Chango keeps going outside, picking up one of her (many) tennis balls, and bouncing it on the deck. *g*

So, what else? How about some high-speed photos of water droplets? Beautiful, like tiny modern glass-works.
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ZOMG I love these guys. They make me smile, as does this story from the BBC about a Canadian senator who wants to change the national emblem to a polar bear, and describes the current symbol, the beaver, as a dentally defective rat. :-D


Sep. 5th, 2011 02:36 pm
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It is 81 degrees (27.2 degrees Celsius) and we have the back door and all the windows open. Oh my god it is so WONDERFUL.

Medical thing ...  )

Meanwhile, in the category of Beautiful Things, isn't this the most awesome knitted cap EVER? Scroll down a bit for the equally awesome animated GIF.
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Remember this post I made a while back, where a group took images from the Heliospheric Imager in the NASA STEREO project, strung them together and made a mind-blowing little film? Yeah, this is like that. Except this time it's from the Cassini Mission spacecraft, and it's Saturn.

Watch this. Please. Via Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy, it is beautiful, and astounding, and deeply eerie, and ... yes, mind-blowing. It's like ... space. Dreaming. :-D


Apr. 21st, 2011 01:07 pm
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Some very light rain earlier this morning, grey and damp. Mr. N had to go in to the office, so it is NICE AND QUIET right now. Doing a few housely things, thinking about fic.

In the meantime, via the Guardian, here is some absolutely awesome envelope art -- letters sent to the childrens' book publisher Klaus Flugge (in London) from various book illustrators, adorned with charming and delightful little artworks on the backs of the envelopes. I particularly liked the Napoleonic mouse, the bed of clouds, and the field boy. They're all wonderful, though.

Also, on a fannish note, many thanks to lucille888 on Twitter for passing along this Playbill article containing a small photo gallery of scenes from Born Yesterday. There's some nice ones of RSL there, in his 1947-era clunky geek reporter's glasses. :-D
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Sunny and much warmer than yesterday, have been writing on a fic I might actually be able to finish.

Did some Internet wandering last night and this morning, and it led me to some Beautiful Things. In which Nightdog rambles on about saints' medals and ravens, to no discernible conclusion ...  )

And there you have it -- three Beautiful Things, after a ridiculously fairly roundabout path. :-)
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Warm and very humid. It rained a bit this morning -- we were supposed to have a lot of rain but instead it developed into a storm line east of us after it had already come through. 69 damp degrees (20.6 degrees Celsius) with a breeze out of the south southwest.

A few things that have made me happy this morning ... hearing the gurgly, mournful call of a white-winged dove. Watching a squirrel try to break into the squirrel-proof feeder (HA!). An interesting article in SFGate on books about Mexico. The discovery of Genki Sudo and his World Order:

Okay, I cannot recommend these guys enough. Their vids are terrific, and the music, while a bit J-Poppy, is also pretty good. Some of the moves that Sudo pulls, in this vid in particular, remind me very much of David Byrne zoning out in his Big Suit in Stop Making Sense. They're funny, clever, hypnotic ... these vids make me happy. Really happy. Two other great vids are here and here. Give them a try -- they really are amazing. An interesting side note is that Sudo is a former Mixed Martial Arts and kickboxing champion, which pretty much means he could kill someone with his little finger. Sara Hess, one of the writers for House, Tweeted about these guys, and that's how I found them.

So. Onwards.


Nov. 26th, 2010 11:38 am
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Bright sun in a clear blue sky, and fairly cold at 46 degrees (7.8 Celsius). First freeze of the season last night, so we brought all our deck plants inside and now the kitchen looks like an arboretum. Chango helped, and was so invigorated by the weather and the activity that she reverted to puppyhood, stealing Mr. N's slippers and play-growling ferociously.

Not sure what is up for today, but in the meantime here is an absolutely awesome photo I saw late last night in the Guardian. It's a simple subject that really reminds me of a Neolithic cave painting.

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Got out and felt better for it -- these menopausal mood swings are no fun, and that's the truth. The moon was already rising as I was on my way home, pale grey in a blue sky. Went by Barnes & Noble and picked up three books -- Stephen King's Full Dark, No Stars, Thomas Pynchon's Inherent Vice, and Hilary Mantel's A Place of Greater Safety. Then had lunch, got online, and saw this, posted on Boingboing today ...

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Oct. 27th, 2010 01:38 pm
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A somewhat fretful, mildly cranky day made better by this. They're little reliquaries (I might also call them treasure boxes) made by an LJ friend of mine for Halloween. Personally I like the blue one best. :-D

Bright sun but still relatively cool. 77 degrees (25 degrees Celsius).
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... and quite haunting. From [ profile] semyaza, restored film footage from 1911 and 1912 of the doomed Robert Falcon Scott expedition to the Antarctic, taken by Herbert Ponting (1870 - 1935) and released this month by the British Film Institute National Archive at the London Film Festival. This is the trailer to the 1924 film, entitled The Great White Silence. Curiously enough, the electronica at the beginning reminds me very much of the opening chords of the Talking Heads song, Sax and Violins.

The Great White Silence.
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New exhibition at the American Folk Art Museum in New York -- quilts. Detailed article from Art Daily is here, while a gallery of some of the quilts can be seen here. Gorgeous work.
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Finally. 68 degrees (20 degrees Celsius), bright sun with a wonderful north wind. Have opened windows to let in the fresh air.

Otherwise the usual, laundry day, etc. So, here are some nice things I've run across the past few days ...

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Sep. 24th, 2010 11:18 am
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Cloudy and warm. 81 degrees (27.2 Celsius), with some rain to the north and west of us. Our big cooldown is supposed to come over the weekend, when our lows will hit the high 50s.

Have been spending the morning paging through the latest Christies catalog online, especially the Alastair Bradley Martin and the Guennol Collection of American folk art. Carved wooden birds, waterfowl decoys, whirligig toys -- they're all here. It's all part of a related sale, Important American Furniture, Folk Art, and Prints, which has even more beautiful and amazing stuff. How about a diminutive rocking horse? Or a carousel rooster? Or how about a gorgeous horse weathervane? I want all these things. *g*


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